The Sing a ma Jigs

The Sing a ma Jigs are the brand new musical kid’s toy from toy specialists Fisher Price and Mattel. Sing a ma Jigs are cute brightly coloured dolls that sing musical notes, talk and harmonise with each other every time their tummies are squeezed. The three different vocal settings are selected by squeezing their hands and the different modes are Singing, Chatter and Harmonise.


Each Colour of Sing a ma Jig toy comes with its very own musical song to sing that is unique to that colour of doll, each time you press or squeeze their little tummies they open their mouths and sing a note of that song. Make your doll sing solo or bring them together to create crazy tunes. Sing a ma jig Songs available include 'Skip to My Loo', 'On top of old smokey', 'It’s raining, it’s pouring' and many more musical greats.


Change to the chatter setting to hear the Sing a ma Jig talk or jabber away in its own zany way. Get a group of dolls together and create crazy conversations between your favourite toys.


Each toy is pre-programmed with its own musical scale and pitch ranging from low to high, so switch the Sing a ma Jigs over to their Harmonise setting and listen as all your dolls and their friends harmonise in synch together. Collect the full set of Sing a ma jig’s today and create your very own cool musical choir.

They made their first appearance in early 2010 at the yearly New York toy fair, the sing a ma jigs were the stars of the show on the Fisher Price stand of Mattel’s conference section. Since their first introduction the musical toys have become instant stars with their sounds broadcasting all over the world. One of the most popular toys to come out of this year’s toy fair the Sing a ma jigs are set to become household names over the coming months, with their musical sounds loved by children and adults alike.

Fisher Price originally released 4 dolls for their initial introduction, in blue, red, yellow and pink, they have since released another two dolls in purple and orange. Another six sing a ma jig plush toys are planned for release before the end of this year in amazing new colours with some fantastic new tunes. New colours expected to hit the shelves before the end of the year include a cool mint green doll with a striped top and a light blue toy with a snazzy purple and black spotted shirt.

Click through to see the full Sing a ma jig range of toys available and be sure to keep the page bookmarked to be kept up to date on the latest releases and updates from this fantastic new set of toys.

See the Sing a ma Jigs in Action

Check out the Sing a ma jig video taken at the New York toy Fair in 2010, watch as they run through the different settings and listen to the Sing a ma jig toys harmonise with each other.